Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Love Dare

This is a book based on the FIREPROOF movie with Kirk Cameron. It's a 40 day book that you read a page each day to see what you are to focus on with your spouse. Yesterday was patience and today is kindness. Shane and I just talk 5 minutes before bed about what we did that followed it and it is making a big difference even just since we started talking about starting it a week ago. Highly recommend it and SHOUT OUT to Amy (my S.I.L.) for giving it to all the boys for Christmas. It's on sale at if you are wondering. In the post below, just click on the word LOVE DARE and it will take you to a link for the book.


julie said...

Scott actually told me about this movie a while back, but we never made it! I'm so excited about this info and plan on buying and following ASAP!!! YAY - good info girl :)
And - yeah, you should be jealous about Kate!! ha ha ... I"m VERY excited.
And MORE GOOD NEWS - skipping out on the temp housing and moving straight into a rental. We wanted to move into Fishhawk Ranch the moment I saw it - FELL IN LOVE, but $$$ ... But we can rent!! The schools are AWESOME - top two in the district in that neighborhood - and close enough for me to walk Ans to school. SUCH RELIEF!!

AmyS said...

OH I'm so glad you guys are enjoying it!! Isn't it awesome...Love you 4!!