Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some Recent Pics

Avery was playing it up yesterday. She was so excited about sparkley "bracelets" and sparkle shoes. I was trying to get her to blow me a kiss and this is what I got.

I've been making these prints for a few years and finally decided to quit giving them away and start selling them. We'll see. Shane is hoping to retire in a year. I am hoping to even sell one. HA!

Who reads a bible commentary in the bathroom? Apparently Shane does. No magazines for this guy, isn't he so smart? I just cracked up at this and smiled thinking about intelligent he is!


LaRae Davenport said...

hahaha you are so cute!! Love the new pictures and Shane's bathroom pic--i'm sure he's happy about that one...hahaha.

I was bummed to miss on Sunday, too--darn Sinus Infection!

Ya, I'm really wanting to do the study--i just couldn't make it this past Sunday. I asked Erin what I need to do to get started, i'm waiting to hear back!

Judy said...

Love the pics and the b'berry pie sounds delicious...Shane's "throne material" is a hoot! ha

LaRae Davenport said...

love those prints---how much are you selling them for??? We may purchase some! :)

julie said...

Hey!! Love the pictures and mouthwatering tales ;) We are really loving down here. Everyone has been wonderful and SOO many beautiful mossy oaks! So, definitely settling in nicely. Saw a Crispers on Providence - right by a Starbucks I might add!, so I'll make sure to check it out soon! Went into Tampa yesterday to catch a part of the Super Bowl action and see famous people - hee hee.