Monday, January 26, 2009

Not ME! Monday

NOT ME! Monday is a place for moms to be brutally honest and NOT admit to all the things they are doing. Go here for rules and to read more NOT ME! Mondays.

McMiracle's NOT ME! MONDAY

I am NOT sitting here blogging while both of my kids are whining because they are legitimately hungry. And I did NOT just take one cup from the hand of Reece and put it in Avery's hand because I was too lazy to go downstairs and get a second cup.

I absolutely did NOT just drink a huge glass of COKE, knowing that I will be up half the night, in order to have some energy to go clean out the rest of Reece's room.

And I did NOT get really grouchy at the kids because I was sad about some of the things he had outgrown.

I also did NOT feed the kids fast food three times this past week because I was too tired to make them lunch.

I also did NOT keep my poor babysitter two hours longer at my house just so I could take Avery to ballet and sit and knit or read instead of chasing Reece.

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Julie said...

These are so funny! I love it! So honest, and real!