Monday, January 12, 2009

" NOT ME" Monday

So this week I DID NOT throw all the clothes that needed to be hung in the closet on the floor. And I DO NOT do this on a regular basis! I ALWAYS hang them up as soon as they come out of the dryer and Mr. C's shirts are always in pristine, wrinkle-free condition.

I also did not leave the muddy dogprints on my carpet in the living room. I did not get crusty and irritated about it and I cleaned it up right away. I had a perfect attitude and did not say ANY curse words in my head as I watched my beloved labs strut across the floor after escaping from the back yard, rolling in some animal dung, and shaking in my house. Yum. Again, I had a really great attitude and with a smile and a spring in my step, I cleaned it up.

I most certainly DID NOT scream "DANG IT" in front of my three year old when the dogs barked and woke up Reece after only an hour and a half nap. I simply smiled and kissed their little furry heads and did not get upset about my freshly made peppermint hot chocolate getting cold on the coffee table.

And finally, I absolutely positively concretely DID NOT forget to brush my teeth one morning taking Avery to school. I have braces and have spent 6 grand on them and would never ever ever forget to fully brush and floss.

ENJOY! Check out MckMiracle on the side of the page to see why I am starting this. I love the opportunity to be honest as moms. Can't wait to see some of you and what you WOULD NEVER DO!


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