Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The past few months I've been a little benign about my bedroom. It is the most undecorated, uncoordinated room in the house. The joke between Shane and I is that I complain that we don't have nightstands and he says, "No one said we were ENTITLED to own nightstands." He's way to practical sometimes. But it's true. So after discussing possible options (none of which were to have free reign with the credit card at Haverty's by the way, shocking I know, ha!), I decided that he was right. Surely there is enough stuff in this house to make a decent looking bedroom. The dreams of my sleigh bed and matching dresser and nightstand with a cushy chair in the corner and crown molding all around are just going to have to be put on hold. We are a Dave Ramsey family now. That means pay down debt, stay on budget, and not being entitled to nightstands.
Well, I hung up a few more pictures, ordered a wedding photo off of our Kodak account and stacked some books. I also put all the clothes away, which made a huge difference! I even crawled under the bed and pulled all the junk that had been pushed under there. Reece now has a few more cars to play with, Avery has some hairbows back, and I have another box of books that need a bookcase. (A blog post about an English major with no bookshelves in the house is in the works.) After using babywipes to get all the grimy dust from under the t.v. and behind the mirror, it amazed me how much better it looked. Still pretty sparse and no nightstand, but it looked kind of cute. If I liked the really crisp minimalist look- it totally works! I moved my chair to a different corner and kicked the dogbed to the office nook and now I have a place to read my bible in the morning. I also learned that in the late afternoon it gets direct sunlight ( I definitely suffer from sun-deprivation and Florida-like weather cravings) if I sit there I can actually feel really warm and not need 8 layers of wool to keep the teeth from chattering.
I realized that just keeping it clean was a huge difference. I kind of gave up on the room and just let it get cluttered and messy because I had a really bad attitude about it. I'm still working on lowering my standards. And I know that I'm not entitled to nightstands, but someday maybe just maybe I will have a place for my Aquafina and a lamp. HA!


julie said...

You're so funny!! I too, dream of STUFF ;) I told Scott I need to be careful bc I want to get us into debt and decorate soo bad... At least I will be able to hold off for a while since its a rental ... maybe by Aug the feeling will subside!!
AND if it makes you feel any better - IT SNOWED IN SUMMERVILLE yesterday!! It is crazy cold. Surely warmed than you guys - but very cold nonetheless.
I will try not to tell anyone about the weather in FL!! ;)

Amanda Carver said...

Yes!...Good point. And sometimes when you finally get a cheap (but cute) nightstand from Ikea the mirror that your husband hung on the wall might fall and actually break the nightstand (true story). So, we are a one nightstand family. Gotta laugh.

Amanda Carver said...

Oh and..there was an issue with the mirror, not my husbands hanging of it that caused it to fall. I was so thankful to have it hung, and it is back in place now!