Friday, September 3, 2010

40 cents and once again using my Mom

I found this piece of cloth at Good*will for 40 cents. I am not kidding. It had a little spot in the corner, those do NOT deter me. So we took it back to my mom's house after our shopping extravaganza and I decided it had to have something on it. Although pretty stark white, it was just begging (literally I heard it) for some words. Thankfully my mom LOVES it when I leave tons of projects at her house for her to do. LOL!
We picked this verse and some dark red thread, and it turned out perfect!
If only she would have ironed it. ha ha ha! (this is an inside joke because my sisters and I do not iron and we totally blame it on the fact that my mom does tons of ironing all the time and ironed our clothes until we left for college. totally spoiled huh?)

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Julie said...

She ironed your clothes??? She never ironed mine!

I had no idea you two don't iron either! I don't even time to think about it! I do use my steamer every once in awhile!

Chartering New Waters said...

The only time my iron comes out anymore is to do a random craft or sewing project! Which of course baffles James! :)

However for some nice contrast, Meg, I would've love to see a bowl of fresh limes or a plate of apples instead of a wimpy candle! :)