Friday, September 3, 2010

Pancakes and Syrup

Every Saturday morning Shane makes pancakes. It started out as an occasional dip into the bisquick box and has morphed into from- scratch- buttermilk- fluffy pancakes. Straight from Southern Living Ya'll!
Well I have been beyond frustrated with the syrup situation. I HATE regular pancake syrup as it usually has corn syrup in it. So we've been grabbing organic maple syrup from Target. Although pure and tasty it is SIX DOLLARS a jar and we use almost an entire jar in one sitting.
SO I found this:

Homemade syrup. I had NO IDEA it was this easy. I'm going to start making it and storing it in jars. Seriously, this stuff is so easy and so cheap!

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Crystal said...

I get mine at Costco--it's not organic, but it is much cheaper to buy the jug of syrup there than buying 100% maple syrup in the small jars at the supermarket. D has many food sensitivities, but LOVES pancakes and waffles making this mama have to make a lot of changes in the food department.

I use a Southern Living pancake recipe too--they are SO good!