Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You're gonna have to start it yourself...

Ummm, my mom says that ALL the time. (insert teenage eye roll here)

The message has hit home. This time it was a women's bible study. I have just craved a weekly morning bible study since having Avery. Evenings are so hard with getting the kids ready for bed in the evenings and Shane's work schedule. So after mentioning it to our pastor and his wife we put wheels in motion and got it started.

Today is only our second meeting, but it is becoming a highlight in my week. Studying the bible, fellowship with all different kinds of women in the study, and ok I admit, two hours of taking the mom hat off is pretty nice too.

When Carolyn met we had a couple of concerns. Availability of our church office, would people sign up, and childcare. All the details were taken care of within an hour of our planning session. CRAZY? No way. Clearly, God was just waiting for me to get the ball rolling. Lesson learned....

Sometimes you just have to start it yourself.

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knitpic said...

Your momma is almost always right!?