Monday, March 17, 2008

Big Milestones...

I cut his hair and this time it turned out quite cute. There have been a few touch-ups though!
He has the most adorable smile. His face just lights up my heart.
Yes, my little man is taking steps!
I saw this picture and choked up. She is such a little girl. Time has flown by. I am getting nostalgic with her third birthday coming soon.
She is potty trained!!!!!!!!!!! This was my feeble attempt at keeping her focused and away from Reece. After she went in it once, I was so grossed out that we went to the "big girl potty."


Julie said...

Oh my goodness! Yay for potty-training! And I cannot believe how much of a little girl she is! No more baby in her face! So sweet and precious! I love Reece's lumberjack outfit! Cracking me up! Great hair cut!

LeslieW. said...

Our little potty didn't last long either, Abby prefers the big potty too. Hooray for Avery.

Dena said...

I am with you on the little potty - YUCK YUCK - I have to have my mom clean it or i would shrow up!