Friday, March 7, 2008

Some cute moments

Avery had a lot of fun
pulling Reece around.
Not sure if he enjoyed
it though!

Lucy and Sadie are always cuddling. It still cracks me up 4 years later.

Reece loves being on the move, except that his feet don't touch the ground on this one yet.

Avery fell asleep when she had the flu. Notice she is NOT on the towel. How do they always miss it? It's hard to tell, but her eyes are a little bit open. Both of my kids sleep with their eyes like this. A little creepy.


LeslieW. said...

He has the most beautiful eyes! We do the towel trick too, so much easier.

Dena said...

very cute - still can't wait for pictures of the hizouse!

Julie said...

Did you know I sleep with eyes half-way open? It used to freak mom out! It must be from our side of the family!