Monday, March 3, 2008

A revelation...

So today as I was folding mounds of clothes on my bed, something dawned on me. We really don't know how much our moms love us until we have our own kids. Of course I loved my mom growing up, but I didn't understand HER love. I didn't know the depths of such an unselfish love. I was a kid. But the amount of love I have for my kids is immeasurable (I have been using this word a lot because on t.v. and in conversations I keep hearing people say "inmeasurable" and grammatical errors drive me crazy, although I am not immune from them myself, admits the former English teacher, anyway, back to the topic...). The way that a mom loves her babies is incredible. Some days I have a hard time with it honestly. It's a love that can invoke tears, anger, fear, joy, etc.

Then it got me thinking. I have NO idea how much Jesus loves me. I don't get it. I am obsessively in love with my kids, but the amount of love God must have for me , the ultimate Creator and the ultimate's impossible to comprehend. I just couldn't get my head around it today.

I think as moms (and maybe everyone does this) we put ourselves down a lot. There's always more to do or it's never enough. But when I started thinking about how much God must love me none of that seemed to really matter.

The ironic thing is how much more I got done thinking about this. Maybe it was God's way of blessing me for keeping my thoughts totally focused on him.

Anyway, I am so totally in love with my babies. And I am so glad that God gave them to me so that I could try to grasp His love for me a little better.


Julie said...

I couldn't agree more. Sometimes, the love is definetely hard to portray, often showing in undesired ways. It is easy to forget that the love God has towards us is even stronger than what we feel for our kids. I often notice myself having a hard time showing my love to the kids, not having that true mother/child bond, sometimes I feel as though I have to "force" it. Although I love them more than words can say, they lack the true love between a mother and a child, and I do my best to fill that gap in their hearts. But I couldn't agree with you more, sometimes thinking about the love God has for us, helps us to see where we can be more loving in our own lives.

LeslieW. said...

My goodness, they are so cute! I have never heard inmeasurable...I probably will now and it WILL drive me nuts!

Dena said...

AMEN! Buffie and I were JUST talking about that this week!