Saturday, March 1, 2008

Catching up on some things...

My first pie. Fresh blueberry, yum. The ironic thing is that we made this for our homegroup, but when we got there it had been cancelled! We enjoyed the whole thing though!

This was Shane's choice for the Christmas cards we didn't send out because we couldn't get to our Kodak online account. It was going to say, "Hope your Christmas is all it's cracked up to be." I wanted to send a family picture of all of us on the front steps. Goes to show the difference in taste! HA!

Reece was sick with this cold for over 3 weeks. YUCK! The poor guy kept waking up with a super crusty nose.

Avery insisted on going outside to take a picture one night.

Behind our house is this dirt road through some woods. Someday this will be a real road with houses, but right now it is our private park. it was raining a little bit and we let the dogs go run. Thankfully they did come back. (We never know with Lucy.) Reece is in the baby bjorn and very happy. Avery ended up walking and I pushed an empty stroller. Sometimes we'll do anything to get some fresh air.


Julie said...

Love the crack! And the plastic liner over the stroller! You are so funny! Were you feeling cooped up that day? Haha! Thanks for the update and new pics! I love that you are back online!

LeslieW. said...

Yum! The pie is beautiful, I wish I could have tried it! It is so great to have you back!

Dena said...

pppoooor baby! that nose looks painful! That would have been THE BEST Christmas card EVER!

Your house is awesome - I think Thursday Thirteen should be 13 pictures of your new hizouse!