Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Being productive...

those words seem almost foreign. I spend most of the time fighting the fatigue and pain my body. I'm 30lbs. heavier (got weighted today, that was fun) and miserable. I can't believe just the general amount of pain I am constantly in. By 6pm I am walking around like the HunchbackofNotreDame. Hot baths are helping a lot. The other thing that is helping is COKE! Not the drug...the little red can of delicious goodness. First two pregnancies I was anti-caffeine, followed the food rules, was really careful. Apparently with the third one caution is thrown to the wind! I even stopped at Sonic today to get a Cherry Coke. Normally I am a huge water drinker, but not now. Water means instant heartburn, acid reflux, and nausea. I bet you all are SO jealous! ha ha ha!

Ok, enough complaining. Now one advantage to drinking a large caffeinated beverage every day is that I am getting more done! Today I ran to JoAnn's and got the materials to make the ornaments on Kelly's Korner. I've already made a batch of them and hope to sell them at MOPS on thurs. I also got the batting and binding I needed to make a Christmas quilt. I would show you, but the fabric is at the embroidery store (another stop I made) getting pretty. I also picked up the book... Material Obsessions. I am just beginning this quilting thing and this book is just my style! I used a 50% coupon and got it for 12 bucks! Lastly was Wally World for some basic groceries.

I even came home and made brownies, said ornaments, and got the kitchen cleaned up (it was until I cooked dinner at least). Avery helped me make the brownies today and it was pretty cute to see her all covered in chocolate. I even gave up the spoon and let her lick away.

It felt good to be productive. Quazi Moto has set in now and the bathtub is calling my name. Just waiting for hubs to get home so I can have one without a bunch of knocking and whining at the door. Last time I attempted that I ended up with two kids in the bathtub and I had to get out because according to belly was taking up too much room!

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Chartering New Waters said...

I love what Avery innocent and true! Enjoy the cherry-coke! I had my first one on Sunday, the first one in 3 months! I did good!