Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Latest Favorite Meal

Mini Pumpkin tasty....
Barely fried tilapia with a mustard topping, green beans, and roasted potatoes.

I was so proud of this little arrangement until Shane vetoed the new location for the coffee maker. I know have a condensed version WITH coffee maker.

Roasted potatoes with herbs, onion, and leeks.

One of my favorite dishes...
Almost all of this was organic and SUPER healthy. It was also fairly easy. The purple things in the dish are potatoes. They taste exactly the same. Straight from Leaping Waters Farm.

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Chartering New Waters said...

That looks scrumptious! Check my blog later...I have some dinner pics too. I love leeks!

Julie said...

Looks so tasty! I do not have dinner pics, and I have never had leeks. Maybe I will try them!

Crystal said...

Recipes, please? :) This looks/sounds GREAT and I have tilapia in the freezer and leeks growing in the garden.