Thursday, December 10, 2009

I buy books...

I admit it. It's an addiction. It's my crack. I have no intention of ever going to rehab.

One of my most favorite activities is heading to Barnes and Noble, ordering a tasty beverage from Starbucks, and just browsing around. (Since I used the word "browsing" this activity can obviously not be done with any of my little precious babies with me.) So I occasionally buy a book and then life happens and I sometimes forget about it, pick something faster/easier to read, or just plain spend more time knitting and not enough reading. Shocking I know for an English major and former English teacher.

I'm rounding up the books that I have started or bought this year and haven't read or hoping to get and put them in a link list on the left hand side. As I finish each book I can make some kind of mark on each one so that I can keep track of all the things that I want to read.

I should probably do this with my chores list for each day, but that certainly wouldn't be any fun!

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LeslieW. said...

I have been reading as lot lately. Just read "American Wife" you should add it to your list (although I warn you theres some crazy sex scenes in it...they seem so out of place. Still a good read.) And "The Red Tent" is fantastic too, it is Bible based fiction and fascinating. But above all...start with the Twilight Series. They are the best eva, be prepared to read all night long. :)