Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hannah's Baby Shower

All the ladies greeting each other and touching Hannah's TINY belly. (She had baby Norah three weeks later!)
Do you see how yummy those cream puffs look and that tasty cake? We ate really well.
We had a table full of food so this was apparently taken before everyone got there.
Notice the drink tags? I made those and kept them for future parties. I could have done a million other things like that, but ran out of time.
Up close look at the dessert table. There didn't need to be any other table. Also, those little round white plates... I got all of them at Goodwill for three dollars. Now I just need to find one of those little iron plate stands to put them on. And those flowers turned that water pink. Never seen that happen before.
Looking back I wish I would have filled the clothesline with more baby clothes, but it looked a lot better in person. We gave her the onesies and socks to take home.
Left to Right: Tina, Hani, Hannah, Marjie

Back row: Tina, Carolyn, Marjie, Hannah, Laura, Kimberly
Front row: Hani, Cynthia, Me

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Chartering New Waters said...

What a lovely presentation!

Hannah said...

Everything was so pretty. You did such a great job Megan! Thanks for posting these!

Julie said...

Looks great! Love the clothes line idea!