Friday, August 27, 2010

The itch

No I don't have an infectious disease. But Shane is almost done with the basement wall, which means painting and decorating are in my future. And I am itching to get started. I have about 5 pieces of furniture to spray paint. My sewing machine table, cutting table, new-to-me (bought from a friend) t.v. cabinet, and I am contemplating painting my wrought iron bottomed tables (w/faux mahogony on top). There's a sofa table, two end tables, and a coffee table which Avery dumped nail polish all over hence the itch to paint it all. It's still dark down there and I am going with a beachy modern look. White furniture, graphic prints. I'm even changing the color scheme a little bit. I am still using the red, black, and white, but now I am going to throw in some orange and pale blue. My parents gave us orange plastic school chairs that are at our newly painted white table and I think some pale blue thrown in would be so fun. Now I am on the hunt for a fabric that pulls it all together to go with the red and white ticking stripe that's already down there. Just writing this down and I am getting so excited. I promise pictures to come. Right now everything is completely covered in dry wall mud dust and is yucky.

This is truly becoming the family room of our home. We have couches and a t.v. down there. My craft area, the school room, Shane's workout area, and the kids toys. I have dreams of movie night in our p.j's and big bowls of popcorn, crafting with my girls when they get a little older, and running on my will-get-here-someday-somehow treadmill.

I get really overwhelmed and stressed out when the kids pile their toys in the living room. I don't know how other people deal with it. Maybe I'm just too anal about it. But I just need one area that is cleaned up and I feel like if someone dropped by (remember in the old days when people did that) I wouldn't have to leave them at the front door while I raced around (tripping and breaking my ankles) to clean up.

So right now we are at the brink. And I can't wait to clean up the dust, paint and decorate. Finally, three years after moving in, it's almost ready. I can't wait. For some reason the whole rest of the house will feel so much more settled. And I'll have a place where my whole families' creativity can soar.

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