Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Birthday Gift

So you know you are a mom when your hubs surprises you with a high-end stroller for your birthday and you are beyond ecstatic. I probably should have had a diaper on! ha ha ha!
Here she is:

Isn't she pretty? She holds 88 lbs of sweet baby goodness. Which means all three of my kiddos could sit on here. No more fighting with the side by side stroller with tiny wheels that get stuck and hardly turn (what's up with that peg-perego?). I can excersize with two kiddos and we have another jogger a friend gave us for Avery to ride in for family runs/walks. It's called a Phil and Ted and I really wanted the SPORT version, which they are discontinuing, but found one on Posh Baby on CLEARANCE in black. Woohoo! Although it's a Phil and Teds, I think of it more as a girl. Like my nanny. So I need a good nanny name for her. Ideas?

Thanks hubs. Once again, you rock my world.

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LaRae Davenport said...

Ohh, I love it!! You are my inspiration for being a stylish mommy! :)