Monday, August 23, 2010

Movie on the Lawn

For our MOPS activity this month Shane and I hosted "Movie On The Lawn" at our house. It was the first, hopefully, annual activity and a lot of fun! The weather was perfect, the lawn dried out after days of constant rain, and the technology worked.

We watched the movie Babe. A little boring for most of the kids, but the animals were so adorable! It makes me want sheep in my yard.
One advantage to living here is that there are rarely flat yards. Which positioned our yard perfectly for stadium seating. Seriously we should set this up every week and start charging admission!

I even let the kids eat candy from "movie theater" boxes that we got at Target. I hate letting them eat this stuff, but it was special occasion. However, all three kids were in bed before the movie ended! Which was kind of nice because then Shane and I cuddled up on the swing and had a date (with thirty other people in the yard) ha ha ha!

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Chartering New Waters said...

Sweetness! Totally excited for you! I'm glad you let them eat candy.

We received a welcome basket from hotel and I've even let Jackson have some Skittles!

julie said...


HOW CUTE AND FUN!!! Wish we had a yard :) ha ha ha

Julie said...

Super cute idea! Glad you all enjoyed it!

Hope you and Shane weren't "necking"!

knitpic said...

What a great idea and I am sure all your guests had a fun time too!