Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer bargains

TWO!!! Pottery Barn Kids SILK curtain panels for $3.99 TOTAL at Goodwill.
Vintage Pillowcase for 0.60
NOT a bargain, but I am in love.
A vintage scale. I saw these on some blogs that I stalked and have been looking for about a year for one. I saw one out "junkin" with my parents in Ohio and almost wet my pants. (I've had three kids so that can happen pretty easily, ha!) Anyway, I couldn't believe it was even black and would coordinate in any room. So this isn't it's permanent place, but I am still figuring out some things in the kitchen and then it will be moved back in there.
A triple white picture frame that I am going to put Ellie's picture in the middle and a hand print on one side and a foot print on the other. It was 3.00
The ballet picture in the bottom is of course for Avery. I am going to find a thick white frame and move the piece into and hang it above her bed in her room.

I've had so much fun out searching for items and can't believe when I have found things that I have been looking for for so long!

What have you found this summer? Share or post a link I'd love to read and see your cool finds.

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Chartering New Waters said...

Can I buy that pillowcase? I'd pay you $1.20!