Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 Reasons Why I need it to be WARMER WEATHER!

I am somewhat horrified by this picture. Keep in mind that Reece is 10 wks old and I was nursing at the time. (I'm a little self-conscious about the girls)

1. I am sick and tired of being sick. We just caught another cold- thanks to other moms who can't keep their snot nose kids at home!

2. Reece can be outside and play in the mud like he keeps trying to do.

3. Avery can go to her "castle" (the playground) and release some energy.

4. I can sit on my deck in my comfy furniture and blog.

5. I can get a little color in my pasty white skin.

6. I can knit something besides a chunky wool sweater.

7. We can go on walks on the nature trail in our neighborhood.

8. I can pack away these winter clothes. I am over sweaters for a few months.

9. I can walk around barefoot because I hate wearing socks. But I have freakishly cold feet and have to when it's less than 80 degress outside.

10. I won't be cranky.

11. I can have my kids' birthday party outside where they always want to be in the first place.

12. Shane doesn't have to grill in the snow.

13. I can get myself to a beach and burn out any leftover chills and germs from winter.
Can I get an AMEN!!!!


Dena said...

AMEN - although it's in the 70s here - sorry! But I do need a tan and winter food makes me fatter!

Julie said...

Amen Sister! I couldn't agree more! I have been hating my pale skin- started tanning again! And I can't wait to be outside and more active, lose some of this winter weight!

LeslieW. said...

Shane grills in the snow?! Wow, I can;t even get Kane to do that when it is perfect outside! Come for a visit!!!I bet in a week or two we could brave the beach!!!