Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Congratulations Mama and Papa Carver!


After trying for almost a year, they're pregnant!!!! This is Shane's brother Nic and his wife Amanda. Since we've moved to Virginia, they are only an hour and a half from us and we are absolutely loving getting closer to them!

We are so excited about this little bundle coming in June. And I am so excited to have a newborn to knit for again!

By the way, I had a dream she was pregnant just two nights ago! How exciting. So many people praying and to see that God is bringing another image of him into this world. They are in for the ride of their lives and I am so stinkin excited to live close enough to get to know this new little person and be there to help if they need/want it! WE LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!

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Dena said...

Oh - How super wonderful!!! Congrats!