Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Shame on Me

It's suppose to be Wordless Wednesday. But I've got too many words on the edge of my tongue to be quiet. Shame on me is all I have to say. I have spent the last half hour surfing through blog sites and I am humbled. There are women dying of cancer, losing their babies, struggling in their marriages and then there's me. Whining and complaining because I only have two spoons in the drawer and the rest are in storage. Whining and complaining because the market's bad and we are losing boocoo (spelling) bucks on our house. Whining and complaining because my kids have colds and I can't go to bible study tonight. I'm so frustrated with myself that I can't even cry about it because I think that would even be selfish. I've had my share of struggles but it seems I have forgotten them and how life could be. God's kept things pretty tidy for me lately and it's time I thanked him for it.


Dena said...

Girl - I will give you an AMEN - I have been soooo over A LOT of stuff going on lately and then I ran across BROKEN (the link is on my page) and I thought - REALLY DENA??? I think sometimes these are great reminders from God on how good we really have it! Don't feel bad - it's easy and normal to get wrapped up in your life! but isn't it awesome to see all the other things that go on!
My heart has been broken several times this week for these ladies!

Make your Thurs 13 - things you are rejoicing about!

LeslieW. said...

Gosh it sucks when we are humbled by these things, praise God for all of our blessings!