Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just some random thoughts...

Well, I decided that I wasn't beating this nasty cold and went to the doctor. Big surprise! I have a sinus infection. I use to get them all the time before I was finally diagnosed with allergies when I was 19! But after my miscarriage, two pregnancies and nursing, I decided to give up all the meds. My doctor, who is amazingly organic and doesn't push meds, told me that I would just keep getting these nasty little boogers (literally) if I didn't take something. So as I gag down this antibiotic, I've given in. I'll go back on the allergy med for a little bit anyway. I decided I'd rather Reece get some Claritin than antibiotics all fall. It just makes me mad that I eat all organic really healthy vitamin packed food, but I still got sick.
And then I remember that I am living in a sinful world and germs are just part of that life. It is hard to believe that when we get to heaven we will NOT ever be sick. NO sickness, no acne, no medical intervention. And I can't wait to eat the food (if there is food). Our food is so laced with chemicals and has so little nutritional value that the heaven food has got to be unbelievably delicious. Instead of that tired yucky feeling after we eat, we will be so energized. Yum Yum I can't wait.

I guess I've been thinking a lot about heaven lately. Reading Adrienne's blog and hearing some of the stuff on t.v. has got me thinking that I'm going to be there sooner rather than later. (I'm not being morbid, just feels like heaven is closer to me now.) In the course of the last few days I have heard (on local and national news) the terms: global society, human microchip, cashless nation. Ok, is it just me or does this sound like it's making way for the antichrist? This is insane! I don't know if God is going to come back today or a thousand years from now. But man! are we ready? The signs are every where that this world is falling apart. I don't mean this to sound doom and gloom. Just the opposite actually.

How amazing would it be to be part of the rapture! I can just picture Shane and I holding Reece and Avery in our arms and rising up to meet Christ. How stinkin cool would that be! God's word seems so alive to me right now. And the song,"People get ready, Jesus is coming, soon we'll be going home" keeps running through my head.
So being cooped up in this little cabin I've kind of forgotten God's power. That's why I have a picture of the beach at the top. There is nothing more telling to me of God's strength than the ocean. Calm, serene, and beckoning one minute. Angry, powerful, and overwhleming the next. I never feel closer to God than when I am standing on the sand breathing in God's creation.
Well, I ended up writing over the whole course of the day and I'm not sure I got my thoughts out very well. The flow is kind of a mess, but these are the things that are popping into my head and heart!


Anonymous said...

Amen, girlfriend! You speak the truth! Heaven and eternal life can not come soon enough!
Have a very happy Wednesday and rest of your week!

LeslieW. said...

Gosh, I wish he would come so we could stop messing with all this world junk and business....but at the same time i fear he may come back to soon and I won't have accomplished all that he has set out for me.