Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I love about autumn...

1. I like typing the word autumn, yes I am a dork. I think it's fun that there is an mn. How many words have that combination?

2. All of the trees turning colors. Virginia is beautiful!!!! Nevada was pretty much brown all year, not much change to see there except dead grass!

3. I love fall decorations. Can't wait to see that candle that looks like a pumpkin.
4. Halloween costumes and all that candy, yum yum yum! I wish Hersheys would go organic!

5. Pulling those comfy cozy sweaters out.

6. Being outside and breathing in the crisp clean air.

7. It just smells good.

8. School supplies. I miss buying school supplies. Teacher's are suckers for anything that writes, you can write with, or label! Nothing like a "bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils." (You've Got Mail)

9. Seeing family at Thanksgiving, eating, eating, eating

10. Moving into my new house.

11. Taking Avery trick or treating. Last year we went to three houses before she wanted to go home.

12. MOPS started, YEAH! New friends, a few hours alone, Avery is having fun too.

13. Carving pumpkins, one time a mess doesn't bother me. Ok, it actually does, but it doesn't stress me out like all other messes.


Dena said...

So fun! That's a SUPER cute costume! Autumn is sooo awesome! Probably no sweaters but it's not 90 degrees! I can't wait to see all the festive photos!

Anonymous said...

I agree Autumn is the best! My favorite season! I am totally a sweatshirt and jeans kind of gal!

P.S. Thanks for your continued prayers for Carlie!

LeslieW. said...

I love fall too! It is my fave season! I loooove that princess dress!