Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things to Wildly Rejoice Over:

Due to the selfish, whining, and ungrateful heart I have had the past few months...

1. I have a beautiful two year old daughter. She is healthy, happy, and teaching me to enjoy the littlest things. Today it was the awe over a squirrel eating an acorn.
2. I have a gorgeous five month old son. He is teaching me to be VERY active. He's teaching me to slow down, hold him a few more minutes, and to relish the way he fits in my arms. Some day he is going to tower over me.
3. I have a husband who is wildly in love with me. I never doubt how he feels and I trust him with all of my heart.
4. I have full confidence in my Lord and Savior and the fact that some day I am going to get to heaven to see him. I also have full confidence that he is going to introduce me to the baby I lost. What joy to know that a piece of Shane, Avery, Reece, and I is already in God's presence.
5. Shane is healthy and strong and taking really good care of us.
6. I have all of my immediate family and Shane's as Christian brothers and sisters.
7. I live in a country where I can raise my children as Christians.
8. I rejoice in the city that we have moved to this year. It is clear that God has cleared the path for us and I am excited to see how we are going to be used for him and how we are going to grow.
9. I am rejoicing in the many friends I am blessed with in my life already. From high school to college, to my adult life, and now even in blogger world.
10. I am healthy to take care of my home although a little more (or a lot) exercise wouldn't hurt!
11. I rejoice in knowledge. I love to learn, I love that God gave me this desire, and am thankful for outlets in my life to satisfy this craving.
12. I have found hobbies that allow me to create and show that God created beauty and creativity.
13. Most importantly, I rejoice that Christ died on the cross, washed me white as snow, and desires to mold me into his image. For this I am truly grateful!


WELCOME TO TuttleTime! said...

Hi there,

Visiting your blog, as I found you on the Thursday Thirteen. We seem to have a lot in common, and I enjoyed your list. :) We always have so much to be thankful for!!! :) God is so good isn't He? Well, I hope you have a wonderful week and weekend...Stop by to visit my blog some time. You will find I have some similar interests to you...I think I saw a pic of you and someone knitting. My sister is a knit fanatic, and I crochet. :) I also do a great many other things to keep me from doing laundry...well, I am blabbing now. Ha! Have a great day, Angie

Anonymous said...

Fabulous list!!! Blessings come in all shapes and sizes! Thank GOD for that!

Dena said...

What a great way to make a shameful come back! those are such great things to rejoice about!!!